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Women’s Hiking and Running Shoes

Looking for women’s shoes that inspire wanderlust? You have come to the right place. RAX Women hiking and running shoes are an increasingly popular choice in an adventure-filled. Our internationally-inspired designs and styles combined with our committed approach to offer the highest quality in materials have allowed us to create a diversified range of sports shoes including a wide collection of hoking, running, and training shoes.


Take a step towards a healthier future

The importance of having a good pair of shoes to keep yourself healthy with workout exercise or running simply can not be overlooked.

With our comfortable and stunning range of sports shoes, women across Canada are provided with world-class quality and durability without compromising on the style.

Take on any hiking adventure with the comfort

Comfort and sturdy build play an important part when it comes to hiking shoes and our determined approach to serve our customers with high-quality gear have been successful in creating cool and functional style saviors for women.

Explore World's most anticipated hiking trails with your perfect companion and allow us to be a part of your journey by selecting our best-selling hiking shoes for women.